The Best & Most Painful Device in the Universe

p_beautytools_goldseries_curlerThe words “beauty is pain” have never been more true.

I squeezed the edges of my eyelids between what felt like titanium plated puppy dog teeth. Years of heating up my eyelash curler, applying unending coats of mascara, failing miserably to apply falsies all led to this moment. Like all girls my age, I’d spent hours gawking at YouTube videos of gorgeous twenty-somethings flawlessly applying winged liner and fake eyelashes as if they were cartoon characters. There was no mess, no error, no mistakes. I’d wonder, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I seem to get the glue on the lashes? Why am I so good at getting it on my fingers?

The other day my friend needed to get something at the pharmacy and, of course, I was magnetically pulled into the makeup section. I filled my basket with several items I wasn’t looking for and didn’t need. One of them happened to be the Revlon Gold Series Titanium Coated Lash Curler. It promised a “125% more lifted lash look”. I’m a sucker for anything promising more than 100% satisfaction, so I had to have it. I promised myself it would be worth it.

Immediately upon arriving home, I had to try it out. Was this advertisement true, would I see a 125% more lifted lash look?! My first try didn’t go so well. I had to be doing something wrong. I couldn’t seem to apply the curler to my lash line without causing intense pain, as skin kept getting caught in the curler. After 10 more tries, I began to realize that this was by design and not, merely, a design flaw. After much trial and error, I found that while holding it at different angles, it hurt less and I was able to get enough lashes into it’s grasp. Once I seemed to master the grip, I was transformed. No, that is an understatement, my life was transformed.

My eyelashes have never looked so good. They literally stay curled all day. Yes, ALL DAY. I only need a couple coats of mascara. I was the girl who would curl my eyelashes, heating up the curler, holding it in place for minutes, securing the curl with layers of mascara, only minutes later for my lashes to fall flat. I was the desperate girl who invested in lash extensions only to become too broke to get refills, to watch my poor little lash line dwindle down to pokey little spikes of sad hairs. I was the girl who had the uneven falsies, only hidden by the overdone winged liner, attempting to hide my heavy hand and distaste for lash glue. The other day, my nutritionist told me I had beautiful eyes – unprompted. I was even wearing glasses.

If you can overcome the pain, it’s worth it. This is one of my favorite beauty tools even thought it pretty much sucks to use.

Thanks for reading.

Xx, Grace

Buy here.

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