Weekly Philosophic Twitter Poll Results

As a people person, I’ve a deep curiosity for what makes us tick. I’m fortunate enough to have a substantial Twitter following, allowing me access to people of all walks of life. Each week, I’ll post polls to my Twitter feed in hopes that enough people stumble across to share their experience. After analyzing the results, I’ll present the findings in succinct and sometimes saucy blog posts. To all the unique souls who’ve taken the time to stop and click the roses, thank you. These posts are directly addressed to you. PS, I hope you enjoy my poorly drawn illustrations.


What do you think happens when you die? Spiritual/other dimension (39%)
Do you believe that aliens exist? Yes, but far away (69%)


When brought up, the concept of death typically dredges up some level of dread. The idea of self-obliteration is something inconceivable, as it requires a self to conceive it. No one knows what happens when we die, though many Religions claim to have the answers. I like to think there’s some realm of celestial magic beyond the grave but I’m open to admitting that I truly haven’t a clue. Collectively,  68% of you leaned towards a continuation of consciousness after death (Reincarnation 6%, Spiritual/other dimension 39%, Heaven/Hell 23%). Surprisingly, 32% of you could give a shit less about what happens when we die. That, or you have simply accepted your fate as decomposing organic matter, only to be recycled into the environment; which is its own kind of rebirth, I suppose.

FAR OUT. An overwhelming amount of you believe that life exists outside of our planet. I’m proud that you aren’t simple-minded egomaniacs who shoulder the belief that sentient life couldn’t possibly exist within the never-ending depths of the cosmos. An astounding 28% of you believe they’ve made contact with humans while 69% suppose that aliens subsist somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.